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We are a dog-friendly hotel!


To avoid inconvenience to our other guests, we have a few rules:


Please keep dogs on a lead in and around the hotel.


Restaurant & Bar
Dogs are allowed in our restaurant and bar (under/near the table, but not on the chair). The reason we allow dogs in our bar and restaurant is to prevent dogs (when alone in the room) from causing noise pollution by barking. 


Due to possible unpleasant odours and hygiene, please do not bring wet dogs into our restaurant or bar. In the entrance of the hotel you will find towels to dry your dog. 


Preferably, do not leave the dog alone in the room. Even if you can quietly leave the dog alone at home, it is good to bear in mind that your four-legged friend is now in a strange location. This can encourage barking. Understandable behaviour, but this can cause nuisance to other guests. Let's minimise this together!


Please be responsible and clean your dog waste. There are 2 depodogs bag dispensers on the hotel grounds; to begin with at the entrance to the hotel and at the adjacent Dunepark.


For hygiene reasons, dogs are not allowed in our sauna, Turkish bath, swimming pool and whirlpool. Dogs are of course allowed to linger on our lawn around the terrace. However, dogs are not allowed to take a splash in the outdoor pool. 


Costs for overnight dog
For €17.50 per night per dog, four-legged friends will be able to stay in the hotel room.